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Art Galleries in Italy

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024035.jpg

March 23 – May 26, 2024  Pietrasanta


ARTIST Marco Ceroni


Marco Ceroni presents, at his solo show curated by Chiara Guidi, his works belonging to his three most significant projects.
Marco Ceroniが個展(キュレーターはchiara guidi)で発表するのは彼の最も重要な3つのプロジェクトに属する作品

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024036.jpg

april 23 – may 26,  2024  Torino


ARTIST Simone Cametti, Marco Schiavone

GALLERY Interludio

With extreme rationality and meticulous research, the two artists tackle complex themes such as perception, reproducibility, the absence-presence pair, and the graphic and visual translation of gesture and light by creating visual pauses, tampering with environments and surfaces with graphic and luminous interventions.

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024033.jpg

April 13 - May 30,  2024  Padova



GALLERY Rossovermiglio

It is sure that no viewer would pass by looking away, because the works of Erk 14 are unexpected smiles on the lips, careless of clouds of the mind.
鑑賞者は彼の作品を見ずして通り過ぎることはできないだろう、なぜなら、Erk 14の作品は突然の笑みであり、のんきな心の雲だから

ガレリアチェレステ イタリア画廊 galleriaceleste galleries in italy 2024012.jpg

march 31 - may 31, 2024  Roma

Safe Places

ARTIST Marina Xenofontos

GALLERY Ermes Ermes

We meet again in safe places, we are no longer connected, this is not a story to be written, this is what we extracted, and end in pain for ourselves.

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024037.jpg

march 02 - june 01, 2024  Pistoia


ARTIST Vicente Baeza


What is most important for the artist, and something that the visitor may not necessarily notice at first glance, is the history of actions in which these surfaces have been exposed.

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024024.jpg

march 23 - june 01, 2024  Ferrara

Mille innamoramenti

ARTIST Barbara Capponi/Babas

GALLERY Maria Livia Brunelli

“Mille innamoramenti”, la mostra di Barbara Capponi, in arte Babas, ispirata all’esposizione di Palazzo dei Diamanti che ha per protagonista il geniale artista olandese Maurits Cornelis Escher.
「たくさんの恋人たち」はバルバラ カッポーニの展覧会。優秀なオランダ人アーティストMaurits Cornelis Escherが主役を務めたDiamanti宮殿での展覧会に刺激されたもの

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024034.jpg

march 27 – june 1, 2024  Napoli


ARTIST William Kentridge


William Kentridge will present a poetic and varied corpus of works on paper and recent sculptures, confirming his capacity to bring together emotions and memory, and the relationship between desire, ethics and responsibility.

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024026.jpg

april 03 - june 01, 2024  Milano

Where Thou Art - That - is Home

ARTIST Ikeorah Chisom Chi-FADA | Franklyn Dzingai | Feni Chulumanco | Sethembile Msezane | Katlego Tlabela


Home is the space within which we move and that we try to shape in our image and likeness, a reflection of its inhabitants that tells and keeps a lot of their personality. In contemporary art too.

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024019.jpg

april 08 - june 08, 2024  Milano

The Search for Things

ARTIST Tino Stefanoni


The new exhibition project dedicated to the artist Tino Stefanoni, which builds a valuable focus on the artist’s rich and varied production.
アーティストTino Stefanoniに捧げる新展覧会プロジェクト。豊かで変化に富む作品に価値あるフォーカス

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024032_page-0001.jpg

May 11 – Jun 22, 2024  Palermo

Meditabondi, barcamenanti, fuori registro e buchi bianchi

ARTIST Luca Pancrazzi


This exhibition wants to subtract the work from the interpretation of the gaze and the dictatorship of reason to bring it to be the protagonist of quantum tests where the objectives are simultaneous and the constitution of the picture is the result of multiple calculated and uncalculated accidents of the way

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024031.jpg

May 8 -  July 26, 2024  Roma

One Liners

ARTIST  Romany Eveleigh

GALLERY Richard Saltoun

An exhibition dedicated to pioneering British-Italian minimal abstractionist, Romany EVELEIGH (1934 - 2020) on the occasion of her inclusion in the Biennale Arte 2024.
今年ベネチアビエンナーレに出展中の先駆的ミニマル抽象アーティスト Romany EVELEIGH(英伊)に捧げる展覧会

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024038.jpg

May 9 -  July 26, 2024  Roma

restless picture

ARTIST  Alessandro Scarabello

GALLERY the gallery apart

A further stage in a shared journey that has now lasted 19 years, Scarabello’s work is characterized by a continuous and incessant analysis of the act of painting.

ガレリアチェレステ-イタリア画廊-galleriaceleste galleries-in-italy-2024029.jpg

march 21 - sep 16, 2024  Trento

La Leggenda di Dolomiti

ARTIST Umar Rashid

GALLERY Studio d'Arte Raffaelli

Contrary to the fact that we think Dolomiti is not only a location, but also the nickname of the main personality of the legend evoked from the title of the exhibition, a really and very sage imaged by the artist as a homage to the territory where invite him.

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